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An Amazing Massage!

Yesterday, I had an amazing massage by the gifted body worker, Celana. She used an array of maneuvers that I had never experienced before and it helped relieve chronic sciatic pain. She followed-up with some great exercises to keep my lower back limber. I promise that you will relish the therapeutic touch of Celana at Be Well Natural.

Datchy C

Inital Acut + 30 min body work by Chris


Blissfully experience; from the beginning to the end! Wow! Chris, you truly are a healer! This is my first but it won’t be my last! I don’t like needle but I trust and I believe in your practice; my body, my spirit and my mind are so grateful and thankful, Chris. I have never experienced anything like it before. Your knowledge, your loving, your caring and your kindness are beyond words… 

Be Well Natural


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