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Celana Pearson CMT


With more than 10 years in community based public health education Celana connects deeply with the need for self care practices. Celana is dancer and a story teller, moved by a passion to give life to the people and planet.

Upon completion of San Francisco State University's Community-Based Public Health Bachelor Degree her eyes were opened to institutional inequities and the devastating impact on marginalized populations. Celana has been on a path of healing the minds, bodies, and spirits of the change makers ever since. Celana is a deeply devoted mother committed to working with women and people of color on their healing paths.  Celana is an Upledger Educated Craniosacral therapist and National Holistic Institute Graduate. 

Christopher Pearson, L.Ac

In the spirit of synergy and holism Christopher brings together a myriad of professional experience. Experiences ranging from anti-oppression and diversity training to coaching youth basketball, Christopher applies the awareness these experiences have provided toward his healing practice. He has obtained a Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine from AIMC Berkeley, a BA in Psychology with a Minor in Religious Studies from SDSU, and an OBT, Oriental body therapist, from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. With more than 10 years experience in Diversity Trainings and serving for 7 years as a massage therapy instructor Christopher has become proficient in the art of making transitions into new awareness easy, by linking complex ideas into simple lifestyle modifications. As a devoted husband and father of three boys and engaged community member, Christopher embodies his deep commitment to sustainable community development, self-determination for every nation, and the liberation of all beings from the cycles of suffering. Christopher is practitioner of many modalities, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Bodywork and mind-body-spirit counseling. In bodywork, Since 1996, Christopher has been educated in the practice of Tui Na, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Deep Tissue, and Sports Massage. In all of his sessions, Christopher uses a holistic approach to client-based support by utilizing nutritional therapy, somatic psychology, biomechanical efficiency, and the deep ecology of consciousness.

Alyssa Elpusan C.M.T.


Driven by her passion for holistic healing and dedication to supporting others on their journey, Alyssa creates a safe space to encourage the body’s innate capacity to heal. With 800 hours of extensive training from The National Holistic Institute of Emeryville in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Therapy, and Shiatsu, Alyssa integrates these various modalities to meet the individual’s
Acknowledging that our emotional world is deeply intertwined with the physical, Alyssa ensures clients feel seen and heard. Understanding the interconnectedness of every facet of our being, Alyssa works with others to help bring back balance into their lives again.

Be Well Natural


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